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canal-companyThe Canal Company is one the biggest shipping companies offering canal cruises in Amsterdam. The company started in 1984 with renting canal bikes. Nowadays the company offers a wide variety of canal cruises on different ships. Throughout Amsterdam you’ll find multiple quays and shops belonging to Canal Company. Lately the boating company is investing a lot in technology and sustainability; passengers can use WiFi while waiting for the boats and the boats themselves have been modified to minimise emissions. The open sloops are 100% electric resulting in zero emission and practically no engine noise, for a smooth comfortable cruise over the canals.

10% online discount on the cruises offered by the Canal Company

Canal company offers different cruises. There are both cruises during the day and in the evening. Some cruises include beverages. It’s up to you to pick the tour of choice. Our advise is to book online as the shops can become crowded, especially on sunny days. Beside avoiding queues booking online also saves you 10% discount on some of the cruises. Check out the different cruises in the table below.

Daytime cruises

Type of cruisePrice adultsPrice kids (4-12)
100 Highlights Cruise: see all the highlights of Amsterdam during this one hour cruise. Online discount!€14,50€7,25
Amsterdam Canal Bus: hop on and off as much as you like during one day at one of the 9 stops. Online discount!€19,-€9,50
Canal Bike: get a decent work out while enjoying the Amsterdam canals €8,-€8,-
Open Boat Tours: enjoy a smooth cruise in a cosy, open electric sloop€19,50€9,75
Harbour Cruise: discover the industrial part of Amsterdam you haven’t seen yet during this 1,5 hour cruise€15,-€7,50

Evening cruises

Type of cruisePrice adultsPrice kids (4-12)
100 Highlights Cruise: see all the highlights of Amsterdam during this one hour cruise.€14,50€7,25
Pizza Cruise: enjoy the canals by night while having a pizza and a beer. Beverages included!€39,-€21,50
Dinner Cruise: romantic evening cruise including a 4 course meal prepared ‘live’ by the chef €89,-€55,-
Cocktail Cruise: a cocktail and bite while watching the canals at night€37,50€25,-
Cheese & Wine Cruise: the perfect cruise when you have some catching up to do€15,-€7,50

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Canal Company reviews

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